yRigo has alwas been motivaded by a deep attachement to his cultural roots and a wish to share his personal musical world.  He launched his own salsa band "Bomba Caribe" in 2004. It allowed him to perform his own compositions, where Mother Africa's drum is playing a leading role. This is reflected in the titles of the two CDs : « El Tambo No Miente » and « Benkos Bioho », a tribute to one ot the colombian hereos of the anti-slavery struggle.

Today Rigo continues to share his time with Colombia and Europe. He has just finished the recording of his new CD : La Salsa Llego, an ambitous programme where innovation blends perfectly with respect of traditional salsa principles. So let's enjoy!

Attracted by an international experience, Rigo auditions with the band Maracay Salsa, who is looking for a singer to start a european tour. … a few weeks later he's in Paris, where he appears on famous stages like the New Morning, the Divan du Monde.He's also invited in the Francopholies de La Rochelle, in Switzerland, Spain, Italy.

Rigo raised himself singing in that very special cultural melting-pot, where along centuries the african drums have blended with indigenous melodies and dances of the old colonial Europe. He was nurtured by these musical influences and then during the 70s he dived into the unfuring wave ot salsa music, represented mainly by the great names of the Fania All Stars who will for ever be for Rigo a source of inspiration.

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Rigo Ruiz was born in Cartagena, Colombia, in the popular district of "Lo Amador". Cartagena has been during 4 centuries a colonial fortress and a major slave port of the Carribean Sea. It was the arena of the first insurections that leaded to independence. And it's also in Cartagena that the great Joe Arroyo, a major influence for Rigo's musical word, was born.


Tempo Latino, Vic Fezensac

Toros y Salsa, Dax

Limoux Brass Festival, France

Les Jeudis au Jardin, Lavaur, France

Jazz à Montauban, France

Village Tropical, Genève

Feria Carcassonne, France

Fiesta nacional de Colombia, Barcelona




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